Jessica Kallista
Possessed with a frenetic desire to constantly create both literary and visual art, Jessica began to combine the two in collages that employ elements of chance, repetition, and appropriation. Her work is often concerned with the everyday, calling to mind the familiar artifacts and ephemera of the mundane and reimagining and transforming them into fantastical dreamlike elements of magical worlds that are just below, above, or somehow beyond our reach. Her collages establish an ongoing narrative exploring the concept of being a stranger in a strange land. Being out of place, out of body, and/or other bodied allows for investigation of and experimentation with known and unknown environments as well as ways of inhabiting bodies, fluid identities, space, and place. Her recent work continues to address issues of embodiment, decolonization, race, sexuality, gender, identity, space, and place as experienced by a stranger in the strange land that is Suburbia. Communicating the lost, almost shipwrecked, displacement in an unlivable, non-sustaining, and unsustainable world while still maintaining the ability to access and reveal a liberating and vibrant sense of magic is a constant and continuing goal of her work. The process, practice, and pieces form a collective call to action, a documentation of a lived experience, and a communication with the world beyond this strange land.

As part of the worldwide phenomenon that is Free Art Friday, Jessica has placed over 300 pieces of free art in Northern Virginia for any person to find and keep since August 2013. She views this project as a way to disrupt the isolation of those living in Suburbia by creating situations of surprise and instigating dialogue about ownership, commodity fetishism, creativity, and interconnectivity. Jessica's activity with Free Art Friday has also evolved into an ongoing, documented performance. You can view past Free Art Friday pieces and look for clues to find pieces yourself by following Jessica on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.