Jessica Kallista
SugarThen You Will Be ReadyMaking the ShiftAspasiaRoxyNaomiMedusaHer LipsHeart MindShift FreedomReissue (if you're to keep it)Regifted (if you really care about her)Recover (if you need them to know)Rewind (if you're looking for easy)Repackage (if you want to add years)Embodiment as Doris, the Octopus, and YouBlue Shag (side view)Blue ShagEmbodied Transformation (side view)Embodied TransformationThe Tentacle's Gaze (side view)The Tentacle's GazeThe Octopus and the BunnymanHeartmind No. 7Pythia of Suburbia No. 4Archetype/EmbodimentPineal Intuition (side view)Pineal IntuitionArchetype No. 3This Blessed ShipwreckWaves WithinAutumnal EmbraceThe WatchingThis Blue Sea of Her True OriginThe Seed and the StemBecause of the Cyst on the Seat of Her SoulThe Bunnyman EmbodiedLover/Love HerDistilling ThisnessThis Girl is a ShipwreckThe GuardiansPeep ShowPower to the Bunny PeopleThe Bunnyman NebulaSuburban EmbodimentIntuitionSuburban ChakrasAnother Year in Suburbia (an Excavation)
Jessica Kallista is an artist, teacher, juror, curator, and gallerist. She received her MFA in Creative Writing with a concentration in poetry from George Mason University in 2002. In November 2014 she founded Olly Olly, an alternative art space, in Fairfax, Virginia. Jessica has taught collage at the Corcoran School of Arts & Design GW and poetry, critical theory, aesthetics, and writing for artists at George Mason University. Through her multi-faceted work in visual, literary, and performance art, Jessica seeks to disrupt the isolation of those living in suburbia and elsewhere by creating situations of surprise, play, and experimentation while instigating dialogue about gender, sexuality, feminism, embodiment, decolonization, commodity fetishism, spirituality, pleasure, and interconnectivity. Jessica’s work has been shown at a variety of venues including Target Gallery, GRACE, The Fridge, Tempus Projects, Rhizome, VisArts, NoMüNoMü, Fenwick Gallery at George Mason University, Galerie Kritiku Prague, Watergate Gallery, and the Margaret W. and Joseph L. Fisher Art Gallery.